The book “Surprised by Christ” is the history of a man who seeks truth and cannot satisfy himself until he finds it. Him growing up in New York’s Quinn by Jewish parents, whose faith was suppressed by the Holocaust, Arnold Bernstein was driven by his personal research into a spiritual change.
He was ready to accept God in whatever form He would reveal to him, and that form was proved to be Christ. But Arnold Bernstein very soon became aware of the faults in the various forms of Protestant faith that surrounded him, and he continued his search’ that time in the true Church.
The book combines the fascinating memoirs of a person’s life through historical moments and situations – from the war of the sixties to the Movement of Human Rights and the Movement of the Jews in Berkeley – with the search for and ultimately the discovery of Orthodox theology, which shows the Church as the true house of God, not only for the Jewish Jews but for all those who seek it.

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