The strenuous repentance that destroys all forms of wickedness, the complete sacrifice the spiritual exercise, the voluntary obedience, the holy quiet, the watchfulness and devout prayer,  the unceasing await of the Divine Bridegroom, the search for the unceasing communication with Him, and the secret, unfathomable union with Him’ are the works of the monks day and night.
Their life is a conscientious await of the voice, the will, and His nature; and the anticipated end are “God’s promises,  of the things that are to come, the adoption by God, theosis and the revelation, the acquisition and the relish of heavenly treasures“.

Purpose of the Nuns

The Holy Monastery of Ayioi Theodoroi
is a female communal monastery belonging to the Holy Metropolis of Kalavryta and Aigialeia. The Holy Monastery is dedicated to two Saints: Saint Theodoros of Tiron and Saint Theodoros the Commander. The Monastery celebrates the first Saturday of the Great and Holy Lent the Miracle of the Koluva of Saint Theodoros of Tiron, and on 8th of June the memory of the Translation of the holy relics of Saint Theodoros the Commander. The Monastery is located near the village Anastasis of Kalavryta Municipality, and is built on the slopes of the mountain “Zebi” (peak of mt. Erymanthos) at an altitude of 1,057 meters. It is approximately 26 kilometers from Kalavryta and 92 km from Patra. Learn more on how to get here.